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Anyone For Raw Cranberries




I happened to notice that today is Cranberry Relish Day. I suppose because American Thanksgiving is coming up this week that the cranberry is getting a starring role, but I happen to think there’s never a bad time for cranberries.

But I had never heard of cranberry relish. Until today. And there’s a major difference between cranberry sauce and cranberry relish.

There are members of my family who would not like either. They will only consume cranberry jelly. You know, the stuff that comes in a can that has no whole cranberries anywhere in site. Although it does make a kind of a cool noise when it comes popping out of the can, I much prefer lumps in my cranberries.

So I go for cranberry sauce. I know there are many people who put orange in their cranberry sauce. I don’t. Just a bit of sugar. Not too much, because I like them tart. But in the early fall I enjoy getting out to pick a few cranberries and cook up some cranberry sauce. Just berries, water and sugar. That’s it. This year I cooked up forty-eight cups of berries and I hope I did enough. I do like my cranberries.

But now I have learned about cranberry relish, which I might have to try.

The big difference, apparently, is that cranberry relish is not cooked. You take some cranberries, a little sugar and maybe a little orange or apple and put them in a food processor, hit the button and you’re done. That’s it. Cranberry relish.

You can also add things like pear or maybe a little ginger. So there are a few variations you can try. It sounds interesting. And it’s another use for cranberries, which I like.

I might have to try some.

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